Whether you are a garden enthusiast, or a novice just starting out, getting the best quality gardening supplies and the right equipment should be at the top of your list to make your job easier.

After all, if you are going to spend your leisure time in the garden then you want to be rewarded for the effort.

Garden tools in basket When we talk about gardens we are not just concerned with the outdoors, you can create fabulous gardens indoors too. So if you are living in an apartment or have no outdoor area, don’t despair because there are lots of gardening supplies which are designed especially for indoors and also for balconies.

There are many different categories of gardening supplies. The first things that might spring to mind are the plants themselves which can fall into the categories of trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables or fruit. These can be grown from seed, purchased as seedlings or plants or, if you are lucky, given to you as a cutting from a friend or neighbor. Of course they may already be growing in your garden and just require a little care and attention.

If you are planning an indoor garden, you can’t use soil from outside your home since this usually lacks the nutrients needed by indoor plants so you will probably need a special type of soil or potting mix.

leaves for the compost pileIf you have an outdoor garden your gardening supplies may include fertilizer, which plants require to provide essential nutrients for growth, and mulch to retain moisture and reduce weeds.

We can show you how to make your own compost which will greatly benefit your plants. It will also save you from having to buy bags of fertilizer, peat moss and soil conditioner. You can also build your own worm farm and add the worm castings to further enhance your garden soil.

If you want to try growing without soil then add a hydroponic system to your gardening supplies list, this is particularly good for growing herbs and vegetables. Your hydroponic system can be as elaborate or simple as you like. When tending the garden, you may want to use protective clothing like gloves to protect your hands from such things as cold, dirt and thorns.

Other gardening supplies you may use are hand tools such as spades, trowels, hoes, cultivators, hedge clippers and power tools like lawn mowers and tillers.